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Beneath the ruler is the document pane. Just click in the pane and start typing. As with any word processor, the Writer document pane allows you to cut and paste text by highlighting sections and either selecting the function from the Edit menu bar or by using the quick keyboard shortcuts.


Writer provides lots of shortcut keys to help you perform simple functions without having to leave the keyboard. Some of the more common ones are

• Ctrl-a to select all text in the document

• Ctrl-x to cut selected text to the clipboard

• Ctrl-c to copy selected text to the clipboard

• Ctrl-v to paste text from the clipboard

• Ctrl-d to double underline text

• Ctrl-f to find and replace text

• Ctrl-Shift-p to use superscript

• Ctrl-r to align text to the right

• Ctrl-Shift-b to use subscript

• Ctrl-Enter to insert a manual page break

To see a complete list of the shortcut keys available, look at the help manual for Writer under the Help menu bar option.

You can also access a formatting shortcut menu by right-clicking in the document section. This action gives you quick access to the items in the formatting toolbar.

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