The Main Window

XSane's Main window interface depends on the mode you are working in. There are six different modes that the XSane interface uses. These modes are set with the drop-down box in the upper-right corner of the page (next to the sight icon).

Table 15-2 shows the six modes available in XSane.

Table 15-2: The XSane Operation Modes




Sends the scanned image to the Viewer window. You can set the default filename,

file type, and a counter increment for storing multiple files.


Saves the scanned image to a file using the filename and type specified.


Sends the scanned image directly to the specified printer.


Collects multiple scans to combine into a single project that can be saved in Post

Script, PDF, or TIFF format.


Sends the scanned image directly to faxing software, if installed.


Sends the scanned image directly to an email software package.

The Main window also allows you to change settings for the scan, using a series of dropdown boxes, sliders, and buttons:

♦ Scanner Hardware Type: flatbed or autofeeder

♦ Scanning Color Mode: color, grayscale, or black and white

♦ Image Adjustments: brightness, contrast, and color

♦ RGB Default: red, green, and blue value enhancements

♦ Negative: invert black/white images, used for scanning negatives

♦ Auto-enhancement: automatically determine the best values for colors

♦ Enhancement Default: resets image adjustments to the default values

♦ Restore Enhancement: retrieves stored enhancement settings

♦ Memory: stores the set enhancement values in memory

Each of the modes allows you to set the color features of the scanning process so that you can fine-tune the results of the scan. The Histogram window also helps you out here.

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