The Menu Bar

The menu bar at the top of the window provides easy access to all of the features of Firefox.

The menu bar contains the following menu items:

♦ File: Open local HTML files and remote URLs, save web pages to local files, and print web pages.

♦ Edit: Cut, copy, and paste text within web pages, search within web pages, and set your Firefox preferences (setting preferences is discussed in detail in the "Configuring Firefox" section later in this chapter).

♦ View: Enable and disable individual toolbars, change the font size and type used for text, and view the HTML source code used to create the web page.

♦ History: Navigate forward and backward through recently viewed web pages by single-stepping through them or jumping directly to a recently viewed page listed.

♦ Bookmarks: Set a link to a viewed page and select previously saved links.

♦ Tools: Access downloaded files, search the web for terms, and customize Firefox add-ons.

♦ Help: Access the online Firefox manual and report bugs and broken web sites.

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