The User Commands

When working on the command line, you should use the adduser command to create a new user or add a user to an existing group. To add a user with the adduser command, use this format:

sudo adduser --home /home/rich rich

This command creates the new user account, rich, and creates a home folder at /home/ rich for the account.

You can also use the adduser command to add an existing user account to a group:

sudo adduser rich users This command adds the username rich to the users group. The deluser command deletes a user account from the system:

sudo deluser rich


By default, the deluser command doesn't remove the home folder of the user. To do that, you need to add the - -remove-home parameter:

sudo deluser --remove-home rich

Similar to the adduser command, you can use the deluser command to remove a username from a group:

sudo deluser rich users

These two commands give you complete control over user accounts from the command line, but there are more commands for controlling groups, discussed next.

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