Working with Impress Files

The Impress application doesn't support as many file types as Writer and Calc do. This limitation is mostly due to a lack of standards in the presentation graphics environment.


The formats that Impress does support are

♦ OpenDocument Presentation (.odp) format: a standard presentation graphics format proposed by

♦ 1.0 Presentation (.otp) format: the original presentation graphics file format

♦ Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP (.ppt) format: possibly the most popular presentation graphics tool used in business. You can use Impress to read and write most PowerPoint slide presentations

♦ 1.0 Drawing (.sxd) format: an older, rudimentary graphics drawing format

♦ StarDraw 3.0-5.0 (.sda) format: Draw's commercial cousin from Sun

♦ Starlmpress 4.0 and 5.0 (.sdd) format: Impress' commercial cousin from Sun

♦ Drawing (.odg) format: rudimentary graphics drawing format

Although Impress can work with Draw files, the default file format for Impress files is the ODP format. As with the other packages in the suite, Impress also provides a toolbar icon for you to save your slides as PDF files.

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