Remote Access to GUI Tools

If you haven't installed a GUI on a system, you can't run GUI-based tools on that system. However, as discussed in Chapter 13, X servers and X clients can be run on different systems. In other words, the Kickstart configuration tool is an X client, which can be run on a remote system with an X server.

So, assuming you've installed the Secure Shell (SSH) server during the installation process, first make sure it's active on the Ubuntu server with the following command:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start

Now you should be able to log in from a remote system, through a user account on the Ubuntu Server system. From any connected remote system, log in with the following command (substitute your account name for michael):

$ ssh -X [email protected]

Be aware that the -X switch enables forwarding of X client information. If the hostname or fully qualified domain name of the remote Ubuntu server system is not available in a local DNS server or in a local / etc/hosts configuration file, you'll need to substitute the IP address for the name of the server. (For more information on secure shell clients and servers, see Chapter 7.)

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