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Unlike APM, ACPI puts the operating system in control of power management. It needs no specialized settings in the BIOS. It supports fine-grained power management of just about every appropriate component. ACPI is controlled by two services, the daemon (acpid) configured in the /etc/default/acpid configuration file (from the acpid package), and the support service package (acpi-support), which details available functionality.

Until the development of the hotkey-setup package, Linux's ability to respond to hot keys was limited. Hot keys on laptop systems are most frequently associated with laptop power management functionality.

One of the problems associated with ACPI is the different power events configured by different laptop and motherboard manufacturers. One way to review available power events is from the list of files installed from the acpi-support package. From the command line, you can review this list with the following command (if the package is installed):

$ dpkg -L acpi-support

Many of the files configured for ACPI are manufacturer-specific; some flexibility is required when reading these filenames, in light of recent changes in ownership, such as Lenovo's purchase of the IBM PC division, and the acquisition of Gateway by Acer.

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