Configure and Rebuild the Kernel

You must add ISO 9660 filesystem support and the CD-ROM device driver to the Linux kernel to provide support for a CD-ROM drive. Linux requires CD-ROMs to have the ISO 9660 (High Sierra) format, so your Linux system must have ISO 9660 filesystem support built in before the you can use the CD-ROM drive. The Linux ISO 9660 drivers include support for the Rock Ridge Extensions. The ISO 9660 driver is provided as part of the distribution set. Most Linux kernels have the ISO 9660 drivers included automatically when you install Linux from a CD-ROM. You can verify that the drivers are loaded by displaying the boot messages with the following command:

dmesg | more

Examine the lines at the bottom of the output. As shown in Figure 9.1, you will see a line similar to the following

IS096 6 0 Extensions: RRIP_1991A

if the ISO 9660 drivers are included in your kernel. If you don't see any message about IS0 9660 drivers, add them manually.

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