Physically Install the Drive

Linux doesn't impose any special requirements on the physical installation of a CD-ROM drive. Follow the manufacturer's directions. The instructions for installing your CD-ROM drive should be supplied with the drive itself.

For an internal drive the basic steps are as follows:

1. Place the drive in an unused drive bay.

2. Screw the drive into place.

3. Plug in the power connector and run the interface cable to the CD-ROM drive. (If you have a SCSI CD-ROM drive, plug the CD-ROM drive into an unused SCSI cable plug.)

4. Plug the interface board into a PC slot, and attach the cable from the CD-ROM drive.

5. Some CD-ROM drives have a special cable for digital sound which connects between the CD-ROM and a sound card. If your drive has such a connector, attach it.

External drives are easier to install because you need only add the interface board to an empty slot on the motherboard (assuming you need a new interface board) and attach the cable from the CD-ROM drive to the port on the back of the board. You add SCSI drives to the external SCSI chain. Make sure you have the proper connectors to add the CD-ROM drive to the chain. Also, when adding a SCSI CD-ROM, make sure that you set the SCSI ID to an unused value (see Chapter 7, "SCSI Devices," for more information on SCSI IDs). The SCSI ID is usually set with jumpers on internal CD-ROM drives, although some drives use DIP switches. External SCSI CD-ROM drives use a variety of methods to change SCSI ID numbers. The most popular method is a dial that shows the proper ID.

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