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There are three primary versions of Web server software that will run under Linux. They are from NCSA, CERN, and Plexus. The most readily available system is from NCSA, which also provides Mosaic. NCSA's Web system is fast and quite small, can run under inetd or as a stand-alone daemon, and provides pretty good security. This chapter uses NCSA's Web software, although you can easily use any of the other two packages instead (some of the configuration information will be different, of course).

The Web server software is available via anonymous FTP or WWW from one of the three sites listed following, depending on the type of server software you want:

CERN: ftp://info.cern.ch.pub/www.bin (FTP) NCSA: ftp.ncsa.edu (FTP) http://boohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu (WWW)

Plexus: ftp://autsin.bsdi.com/plexus/2.2.1/dist/Plexus.html (WWW)

The NCSA Web software is available for Linux in both compiled and source code forms. Using the compiled version is much easier because you don't have to configure and compile the source code for the PC and Linux platforms. The binaries are often provided compressed and tarred, so you will have to uncompress and then extract the tar library. Alternatively, many CD-ROMs provide the software ready-to-go. If you do obtain the compressed form of the Web server software, follow the installation or readme files to place the Web software in the proper location.

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