The Home Folder group

The first group of entries in this menu relate to your local computer, as follows: Home Folder

Each user on the computer has a different home folder, so this is your main folder on the computer. In my case the path to the folder is /home/robin. For a user named hannah, it would be /home/hannah. All the folders referred to in this group are subfolders of this main one. So, in my case, my Desktop is at /home/robin/Desk-top. Note the capital letter D. Linux is case-sensitive, so you must use the capital letter when referring to this folder. Desktop

This folder contains all your desktop items, excluding mounted drives. Documents

This is the place where you'll find your documents as stored by default by applications such as Music

Music applications will usually use this folder for storing music you download, record, or edit.





Home Folder Of Desktop Documents

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Search for Files... Recent Documents >

Figure 4-8. The Places menu


Your photos and other images as handled by programs such as the GIMP will be stored here.


Videos will generally reside in this folder.


By default, downloaded files are saved in this folder.

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