Other Web servers available for Red Hat Linux

Some other Web servers that can run on Red Hat Linux are described below, with URLs that provide more detailed information.

• Stronghold 3 — This Apache-based Web server from Red Hat features 128-bit SSL encryption and a digital certificate. According to Netcraft (www.netcraft.com), Stronghold is the top commercial SSL Web server for UNIX systems. For details, see Red Hat's Stronghold page: www. redhat. com/software/apache/stronghold.

• Zope — In addition to being able to serve Web content, Zope includes features for adding news, membership information, and search capabilities. Originally created by Zope Corporation (www.zope.org), Zope is now available as an open source project (zope.sourceforge.net) covered under the GPL.

• AOLserver 3.5 — Originally called NaviPress, this server features Web-based administration, access-control, SSL encryption, and SQL database drivers. More information and downloadable source code can be found at aolserver. sourceforge.net.

• Boa 0.94 — Designed to be fast and simple and not laden with features, Boa requires less system resources than other servers and is ideal for older hardware. It can be downloaded from www.boa.org.

• CERN (W3C) Jigsaw 2.2 — The latest HTTP/1. 1 reference server, written completely in Java and freely available, can be found at www.w3.org/Jigsaw. II features extensive caching, an improved mechanism for executing external programs (although CGI is also supported), and a graphical administration tool.

• Servertec ¡Server 1.1 — Written in Java, this relatively small server provides load balancing and fault tolerance in a clustered environment and can be easily coupled with application and database servers. Further details are available at www.servertec.com/products/iws/iws.html.

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