The TUX Web server

The TUX Web server (also referred to as the Red Hat Content Accelerator) is a high-performance, kernel-based Web server that is part of the Red Hat Linux distribution. By operating within the Linux kernel, TUX can very efficiently serve static content (such as images) while integrating with another Web server' daemon to handle content that is not yet supported in TUX' kernel drivers (such as various scripting languages that TUX doesn't know about).

On a computer where it is being used, the TUX server typically takes over the primary Web server port (port 80). (An Apache Web server would listen on 8080 or some other port.) The TUX service launches from the /etc/init.d/tux startup script and runs based on kernel parameters that you set in /proc/net/tux.

At a minimum you need to set the serverport (for TUX), the clientport (for Apache), and the DOCROOT kernel parameters for the location of the Web-server content. That location (typically /var/www/html) must be the same for both the TUX and Apache servers. TUX processes some of the data types that it supports with kernel drivers and others with loadable modules. As more of these modules become available, more data types will be able to run in the kernel, and will not have to be handed off to slower, user-level processes.

Special features in TUX include mass virtual hosting, which allows several virtual hosts to be supported on one Web server, and FTP support, which allows you to configure TUX as an anonymous FTP server. Also, because TUX doesn't start a process for each client, thousands of client connections can be active at one time without excessive demands being made on memory allocation.

For more information on TUX, install the tux package that comes with Red Hat Linux. Then refer to the documentation starting with /usr/share/doc/tux-*/tux/index.html, using a browser.

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