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Contributing to the project

Another domain in continuous need for help is localisation65 in the interest of non-English-speaking users, software, documentation, and web pages should be available in as many other languages as possible, and each localisation should be of acceptable quality and up-to-date. Translations are coordinated via the Debian international pages66. The procedures (which should be followed) are specific to each language group. Interesting references related to localisation include chapter 8 of the Developer's Reference67 and the Mini survey of localization in Debian 68.

Configuring the Keyboard

Normally, DrakX selects the right keyboard for you (depending on the language you have chosen) and you will not even see this step. However, you might not have a keyboard that corresponds exactly to your language for example, if you are an English speaking Swiss person, you may still want your keyboard to be a Swiss keyboard. Or if you speak English but are located in Qu bec, you may find yourself in the same situation. In both cases, you will have to go back to this installation step and select an appropriate keyboard from the list.

Character Encoding in Konsole

This book was written in a Roman alphabet for a Western and mostly English-speaking audience, so our terminal emulator's default glyphs for the alphabet will do just fine. However, the ASCII character set really only goes from character 0 up to character 127. Eight bits can express values up to 256, so there are another 128 ''high'' characters beyond the top end of the ASCII standard. There's no strong standard for which glyphs appear when those 128 high characters are displayed, certainly nothing as strong as the ASCII standard for the lower 128 characters. Different character encoding schemes for the high 128 include many different glyphs, most of them Roman characters with modifiers (umlaut, circumflex, tilde, accents, and so on), the major Greek letters, and symbols from mathematics and logic.

Change Firefoxs spellchecker language

Firefox includes a handy spellchecker that will ensure anything you type into text boxes is correct. Any incorrect words are underlined in red. The problem is that it defaults to American English, which can be annoying for the British, Canadians, Australians and those of other primarily English-speaking nations. The solution is easy just visit http and then click the Install link alongside your language of choice. After Firefox has restarted, and next time it hightlights a word it thinks is mispelled, right-click the word in question, click Languages in the menu that appears, and select your choice from the list. This will then become Firefox's default. Note that it's possible to have many different spellcheck languages installed and to switch between them this way.

Figure 112 Asynchronous communications timing diagram

Data sent and received by UARTs can consist of anything that can be represented by eight bits (or less) or any multiple of eight bits. You can thus send binary data, ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) characters, EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code), BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) digits, etc. By far the most important character set used by the English-speaking world is ASCII. ASCII is a 7-bit code. The mapping of a 7-bit binary value to an ASCn code is shown in Figure 11.3. ASCII characters are used to represent strings in C. For example, the string HELLO is represented by the following ASCII codes

Installing TeX and LaTeX

Everything you need for a usable TeX formatting environment. You may also want to install the appropriate texlive-doc package for your national language which, for English-speakers like me, would be the package texlive-doc-en. The texlive-doc packages provide FAQs, HOWTOs, tutorials, and many other documents about the TeX system.

Summarizing the KDE Project

As you read sections of the KDE Web site or documentation, you'll find strange spellings and sentences. Many writers for KDE are not native English speakers, but they produce a great deal of KDE material in their free time. I try to put away my red pencil and appreciate the work they've done.

The Age of Linux

The name Linus is commonly pronounced Lie-nus in many English-speaking countries, but Torvalds speaks Swedish. He pronounces his name Leen-us (imagine this spoken with a gentle Scandinavian lilt, and you've got it about right). Finally, the DVD that comes with this book contains a version of Linux called Ubuntu. This is an African word that, in its country of origin, is pronounced in three separate short syllables oo-bu-ntoo. However, most western English speakers pronounce the word oo-bunt-oo, which is perfectly acceptable

What is Linux

Internet newsgroup participants have long debated the proper pronunciation of Linux. Because the name Linux was conferred by Linux kernel author Linus Torvalds, his pronunciation of the word should reign as standard as I see it. However, Linus is Finnish and his pronunciation of Linux is difficult for English speakers to approximate. Consequently, many variations in pronunciation have arisen. The most popular pronunciation sounds as though the word were spelled Linnucks, with the stress on the first syllable.

Pronouncing Linux

Internet newsgroup participants have long debated the proper pronunciation of Linux. Because Linus Torvalds originated the Linux kernel, it seems reasonable that his pronunciation of the word should reign as the standard. However, Linus is Finnish and his pronunciation of Linux is difficult for English speakers to approximate. Consequently, many variations in pronunciation have arisen. The most popular pronunciation sounds as though the word were spelled Linnucks, with the stress on the first syllable and a short '.

User Tools

Hdate This reports the date in a natural, humanistic manner such as Tuesday the 15th of December 2009 instead of Tue Dec 15 10 40 03 GMT 2009. This not only makes it user-friendly but machine friendly too, since the output can be sent to a speech processor where you'll get a better-sounding voice because it understands how to vocalize words and sentences better than the computerized form.

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