Tutorial Virtual Hosting Email with Sendmail

Virtual hosting is a rather broad term applied to many network services to specify that the server in question provides service to two or more network domains with some degree of separation. Specifically, in the case of a mail server, it means that the mail server will deliver to a unique local user based on the user name and the domain in the to field of the received email. For example, an email to [email protected] would be treated differently from an email sent to [email protected] and would be delivered to a different mailbox.

As with most Open Source software there are many ways to accomplish our goal, but here you'll learn the simplest method provided by Sendmail. Configuring Sendmail for virtual mail hosting is a three step process. First, DNS must be appropriately configured for each domain being served including an MX record, as documented in the BIND chapter of this book. Second, the new domain is added to the Local Domains table. Finally, one or more entries are added to the Address Mapping table. As DNS has its own chapter, and adding an entry to the Local Domains table was covered in the preceding tutorial, you'll only learn the final step here.

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