Changing the Root Window Parameters

By default, the root window background is painted gray with a weaved pattern. To draw these patterns, X tiles the root window with a bitmap, which is a black-and-white image stored in a special file format. X comes with some bitmaps installed in the "/usr/X11R6/include/bitmaps/' directory; the default bitmap file is "root_weave' (you can make your own patterns with the bitmap tool; see Interactive Image Editors and Tools).

Use xsetroot to change the color and bitmap pattern in the root window.

To change the color, use the "-solid' option, and give the name of the color to use as an argument. (Use xcolors to get a list of possible color names; see section Specifying Window Colors.)

• To change the root window color to blue violet, type:

$ xsetroot -solid blueviolet RET To change the root window pattern, use the "-bitmap' option, and give the name of the bitmap file to use.

• To tile the root window with a star pattern, type:

$ xsetroot -bitmap /usr/X11R6/include/bitmaps/star RET

When specifying a pattern, use the "-fg' and "-bg' options to specify the foreground and background colors.

• To tile the root window with a light slate gray star pattern on a black background, type (all on one line):

$ xsetroot -fg slategray2 -bg black -bitmap /usr/X11R6/include/bitmaps/star RET

Use xsetroot with the special "-gray' option to change the root window to a shade of gray designed to be easy on the eyes, with no pattern.

• To make the root window a gray color with no pattern, type:

$ xsetroot -gray RET

NOTE: You can also put an image in the window (although this consumes memory that could be spared for a memory-hogging Web browser instead; but see Putting an Image in the Root Window, for how to do it).

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