Choosing a Window Manager

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Yes, there are many window managers to choose from. Some people like the flashiness of Enlightenment, running with KDE or GNOME, while others prefer the spartan wm2---the choice is yours.

The following table describes some of the more popular window managers currently available.



9wm 9wm is a simple window manager inspired by AT&T's Plan 9 window manager—it does not use title bars or icons. It should appeal to those who like the wily text editor (see section Choosing the Perfect Text Editor). {@sf{Debian}}:

"9wm' {@sf{WWW}}:

afterstep AfterStep is inspired by the look and feel of the NeXTSTEP interface. {@sf{Debian}}: "afterstep' {@sf{WWW}}:

enlightenment Enlightenment is a graphics-intensive window manager that uses desktop "themes" for decorating the various controls of the X session. {@sf{Debian}}: "enlightenment' {@sf{WWW}}:

fvwm95 makes X look like a certain proprietary, corporate OS from circa 1995. {@sf{Debian}}: "fvwm95' {@sf{WWW}}:

The Tab Window Manager is an older, simple window manager that is available on almost every system. (It's also sometimes called Tom's Window Manager, named after its primary author, Tom LaStrange.) {@sf{Debian}}: "twm'

wm2 wm2 is a minimalist, configuration-free window manager. {@sf{Debian}}:

"wm2' {@sf{WWW}}:


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