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Use import, part of the ImageMagick suite, to take a screen shot in X. import can capture the entire screen, a single window, or an arbitrary rectangular area, taking as an argument the name of the file to save to. As with other ImageMagick tools, the image format of the output file depends on the file extension you specify: ".eps' for EPS, ".tiff' for TIFF, ".jpeg' for JPEG, and so on. (For a complete list, see Converting Images between Formats).

After you give the command, the mouse pointer changes to a set of cross-hairs. You then use the mouse to specify which window to take the shot of, as follows:

• Left-click on a window to capture it.

• Left-click on the root window to capture the entire screen.

• Left-click and drag the mouse across an area of the screen to form a rectangular selection outline; release the mouse button to capture the selected area.

When you specify a window, import captures only the window's contents; use the "-frame' option to include the window manager frame in the image.

• To capture a particular window, including its window manager frame, and write it to a PNG-format file, first type:

$ import -frame session-l.png RET

• Then, left-click on the window you want to capture.

In this example, the capture is saved to a file called "session-l.png'.

NOTE: The system bell rings once when the screen capture starts, and twice when the captures finishes. L<J L>J L«J [_Up] L>>J [Top] [Contents] [Index] [?J

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