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Blogging Guru Blueprint

This product created by a best-selling author in NewYork Times and heis an influencer in the field of online businesses. He has worked on many products and guides that show his expertise in the field and he crafted this easy step by step set of tutorial videos to help people creates their online business and build it from scratch. His method involves Wordpress and blogging and contains 3 easy phases for your blog. The first one deals with setting up the account and the domain, the second has to do the set of skills required and how to utilizecertain mediumsfor your success. The finals step includes makingsales and generating a big profit with very little effort every single day. It also contains information on how to maintainvisitors and fans through certain techniques and tricks so you can keep your progress going up and never fall into the stagnating zone. You will be getting over 100 videos of 10 hours total that contains over 130 step by step tutorials and ways you can achieve success in the Wordpress blogging platform easily. The product also does not require a great deal of knowledgeto access the product as you will be getting instant access to the videos that will be your guide to making a minimum 1000$ every month if followed correctly. More here...

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The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this ebook are precise.

As a whole, this e-book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Blog Hatter Auto-Post Software

This product is in the artificial intelligence category as it will skyrocket your productivity and increase your profit margin by a lot when blogging. It will also help you eliminate problems that come with blogging on Wordpress such as being late, having to do too much work and checking. This software will actually generate articles with super high-quality content as if hired by the best freelancing writer on the market and images and videos that humans cannot find. It does all of this work while you can sit back and watch the magic happen, it also schedules your blogging updates and writing so it acts as not only an actual content generator, it acts as an assistant that you can rely on any time. The purchase of this software will also come with other benefits such as updates, free articles and an easy interface that will help you make passive income in the back seat. The creator of this product also holds a great deal of legitimacy as his product helped many people get their blogging to the next level by multitasking and assisting. The software also does not require a lot of technical skills since it has a modern interface that will you all the way to the success of your blog. More here...

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Niche Blogging Profits

Starting out in 2005, Codrut Turcanu had little knowledge of blogging, let alone making fortunes off it. However, as the time passed, he gained an immense experience. He learned what the so-called gurus don't talk about much. He applied that knowledge and is now raking some $35000 from his 5 blogs as a result. This story is of the author of what is going to change your life in just one read the Niche Blogging Profits. A complete guide on the secrets of what really makes blogging so worth it. This guide has helped many of his clients and now, it could be your chance to climb up the success ladder and level up with the gurus who have been inspiring you. But unlike the guides or the internet-derived information you've been reading, the Niche Blogging Profits have 7 secrets that really work. And the best part about these secrets is that the author has dug them out himself. How's this for credibility? The guide is available in downloadable PDF, all too well organized and simply put for someone who has been envisaging his career as a blogger a fruitful one like yourself. It is for the newbies who have been working hard to get around the corner of nothing to the road leading to treasures. More here...

Niche Blogging Profits Summary

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Blogging with Blosxom

Blosxom is an incredibly easy blog-creation tool written by Rael Dornfest, one of the blog founding fathers. Blosxom (pronounced blossom ) is a simple CGI script that sits on your web server and turns ordinary text files into blog posts. For those with simple blogging needs (mostly plain text, with the occasional hand-created link and styled text), Blosxom is perfect. But don't think that it's just for basic users. With Blosxom's plug-in architecture and easily modified configuration dialog box, you can accomplish many things with your blog. Blosxom runs as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) script on your web server, so if you want your blog live on the web at all times, you need to have a host that permits running CGI scripts (most do). You may want to experiment with several tools before settling on one, though. For this, you have the capability to run Apache on your own SUSE Linux Professional system. See Chapter 26 for a more detailed explanation of Apache. Don't choose a common...

Syndicating Your Blog

As you travel around the Web, you may have seen the little orange rectangles marked XML on certain pages. This is especially true for weblog sites, but increasingly true on regular news sites (CNET, BBC News, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, and Alternet, among others) as well. Perhaps you've clicked the button and saw the equivalent of an HTML source page and wondered what that was for. What you're really seeing is a new way of delivering news and information to you headline (or full text) syndication of website content. Publishing a syndicated version of your blog is a great way to gain readers. Most blogging software does this by default, and it is otherwise easy to set up. Wth syndication, readers can find your blog through blog-search sites like, Daypop, Feedster, Bloglines, and Syndic8. As a blog reader, syndication also simplifies building collections of blogs to read. There are two popular formats to syndicate with RSS and Atom. This is another religious...

Blogging with Word Press

Either from the shell or your favorite file manager, copy the contents of the WordPress directory that you created in step 2 to the public_html home directory. If you already have content there (or want your blog to be part of your larger site), copy the whole directory over.

Django Views and Templates

Our first step involves creating a new application within our project. For a number of reasons, including the simplicity with which we can create a page, our example application is a very simple blog program. We create our blog application by switching into our project directory, and then by using our management program, For example, let's say we want the blog URL to go to our blog application. So, we would open the URLConf file, which for the mysite project will be in mysite (We already modified this last month, when we added administrative capabilities to our Django site.) We then add a line that looks like the following In other words, if the system sees a URL that begins with blog and ends with , it should invoke the index method within in our blog application. And, sure enough, as soon as we save to disk, we can reload our URL http 8000 blog , and in our browser, we see Hello, world . Our Django application is starting to come...

Post blog entries from your Ubuntu desktop

The program is designed to work with blogs hosted at, Advogato, or Live Journal. Alternatively, you can configure the software to work with MovableType, Pyblosxon or WordPress installations on your own website. When it runs for the first time, the program will ask you to setup your blog details. You'll need to set the blog type in the Blog Type dropdown list, and then set your username and password (if you're attempting to access blog software you've manually installed on a website, you'll also need to provide the URL). Then click the Lookup Blogs button to both confirm the details are correct and to retrieve the list of blogs that you can use the applet to contribute to. Once the lookup has completed, select its entry from the Blog Name dropdown list. Note that you can only contribute to one blog using the applet.

Movable Type and Typepad

Movable Type (MT) is considered by many to be the gold-standard weblog application. It has a reputation of being somewhat difficult to install, but it has so many features, it's worth the moderate pain. Many of the more technical-oriented blogs run MT, as do quite a few businesses and news organizations. Typepad is the Blogger-type hosting service set up by Movable Type's developers. Typepad makes it easy to produce a high-quality MT-type blog without having to manage the installation. They've even made it a going concern by charging a minimal monthly fee ( 4.95 as this is written) for basic users. MT runs on just about every platform and can use any web server or database application you prefer. There is a free version for personal use, but if you want to have multiple authors for your blog, you'll need a paid version (less than 100).

Popular Blog Services

The biggest and best-known blogging services generally offer both live-in-your-browser posting and free storage space on their servers for your blog. Some offer the option to email posts, which can be a handy device. Here's a quick overview of what you can do with these services. Blogger ( In many ways, Blogger is the America Online of the weblog industry it's where people get started. Blogger blogs run the gamut of styles, but lean toward the personal-journal end of the spectrum. LiveJournal started as a way for a group of friends to keep each other posted on their lives. It grew into a large, but still by-invitation-only, community of all kinds of journal-keepers. Today, anyone can get a LiveJournal account and start blogging.

Reported Stories Push

RSS is an XML-based file format for metadata. It describes a number of pieces of information that are updated frequently. This might include the reference to a blog post, the next train to leave platform 9 from King's Cross, the current stories on a news web site, and so on. In each case, every change is recorded in the RSS file, along with the all-important time stamp, enabling RSS readers to determine any updates to the data mentioned within it. The software that generates these RSS feeds may also remove references to previous stories once they become irrelevant or too old. However, old is defined by the author.

Publishing a Document

Google Docs provides the HTML code needed to share your document on your blog or web site. Figure 11-18. Google Docs provides the HTML code needed to share your document on your blog or web site. For Document files, the Publishing options include the ability to post the document on a blog. If you have a blog, click the Post to blog button, provide your credentials such as username and password, and click the OK button to have the Document file posted to your blog. (Visit http for more information on blogs as well as how to create your own free blog.)

Overseeing Users Access to Word Press

Another great feature of the weblog culture is the cross-discussion among weblog authors. WordPress by default attempts to notify the owners of articles you link to when you post. It also supports pingbacks and trackbacks, so that other blogs can notify you when they write about your articles.

Exercise 1 Creating a Web Album by using gThumb

You have just returned from a vacation with your friends. You decide to write about this experience on your blog and post some photographs of the trip. However, uploading images one by one to the Web site involves a lot of effort and time. You want to find a more convenient way to

At The Forge

P Posting(title 'Dummy 1 headline', body 'This is my first blog post', publication_date ( -timedelta(0, 0, 0, 0,1))) p Posting(title 'Dummy 2 headline', body 'This is my second blog post', publication_date return HttpResponse( Created blog posts. )

Dave Taylor

For example, I might take a full-size screen capture of the window within which I'm writing this particular column just to find that it's 722 x 719 pixels across and down, respectively. But if I were to include it on my Weblog, I would want to reduce it down to no more than 600 pixels so that it doesn't break my site layout.

Linux For Suits

Blogging is a kind of half bakery, falling somewhere between public e-mail (a way to write for cc world ) and polished journalism of the sort we write for print publications like this one. out. Another blogger published it, accusing me of taking advantage of a tragedy to advance a commercial cause. (Although he said it in far less polite terms than those.) In a comment under that blog post, I said the republished post was a private e-mail that was never meant to be blogged. But the blogger left it up, as an act of snarky passive aggression. In the midst of that, a reporter with NPR (also a blogger of far more prominence than my own) asked me if I'd be willing to share my thoughts about the Cho files in an interview. So I did. As an old Radio Guy, I thought I did a pretty good job. So did the interviewer blogger. But did I shed much light Did anybody I don't know. When I heard myself on the radio, I had to admit that I sounded like yet another talking head. As I look around the...

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