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Thumbnail Blaster

Thumbnail Blaster is the world's only thumbnail creation app. The great Thumbnail Blaster makes use of new A.I. software to create attractive thumbnails. Over 400 videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Most viewers, therefore, a scheme through the videos. This means you need to go an extra mile in terms of creativity for your video to stand out. That is why the Thumbnail Blaster is here for you. It is here to cater to your creativity and attraction needs. The program helps save time and money while attracting endless new subscribers and viewers. It utilises Artificial Intelligence to make everything possible. Its cloud computing nature allows you to use it without the need to download anything on your desktop or mobile phone. The application is cloud-based and quite affordable. It is useful in so many ways. For instance, you can increase the number of views and subscribers on your YouTube channel. Continue reading...

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In conclusion, I would say that the learning curve for this software is quite steep and lengthy to get the full benefits from it's use. But if you are prepared to put in the hours needed to learn it's full capabilities this piece of software will give you many times that back. I can recommend this software to anyone.

AI Video Titan Software

The product is a great video making tool that shakes the ground of video business. It is an artificial intelligencesoftware that will make you videos with real voiceovers and slow motions graphics that look like they required thousands of dollars and weeks to make. It can work for any laptop type and it is very easy to follow, you do not even need to have any technical skills or experience to run this, the steps themselves are provided with a guide. The software will work great forYouTubers, affiliates,eCommerce, Facebook, and other video profiteers, they will be able to make the same video that cost up to 1000 dollars in a fast effective video making machine, you will be able to get the same quality of the video that required a lot of time and money for very little time and money that is exactly the same. It does not have one of those digital sounds of text-to-speech voices from the laptop, the voiceovers are from a professional Britishvoiceover artist. Moreover, the software has1,500 already built-in templates,11 background images,23 Motion Graphics,9 royalty-free music and many other great customizable options you can use to create an unlimited amount of videos that will generate you thousands of dollars per day. Continue reading...

AI Video Titan Summary

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Use Ubuntus movie player to watch You Tube movies

Like many open source applications, Totem utilizes a plugin structure, meaning that its functionality can be expanded by add-in modules. Several are supplied out of the box, including a YouTube browser. This lets you search for and playback YouTube videos within Totem. However, none of the plugins are activated. To activate the YouTube plugin, start Totem (Applications Sound & Video Movie Player), click Edit Plugins, and put a check alongside YouTube Browser in the list. click the Close button and then, in the main Totem program window, select YouTube from the dropdown headed Properties at the top right. Following this a search box will appear, in which you can search for videos on YouTube. Double-click any entries in the Search Results field to play them in Totem. Note that you might need to follow the instructions in Tip 65, on page 125 to ensure all the multimedia codecs are installed prior to playback in order to watch YouTube videos in Totem for some reason, codec installation...

Who Should Read This Book

If you're new to the Linux world, you'll benefit greatly from this book's hands-on approach. The book walks through all of the steps required for setting up an Ubuntu Linux system, guiding you through the pitfalls and offering practical advice for getting your Ubuntu workstation up and running. It then walks through all of the applications you'll find on your new system, showing you how to use the office productivity software work with images, audio and video clips on your desktop run CDs and DVDs and interact with the Internet.

Project 4B Installing the Flash Plugin

While installing any of Firefox's available extensions can be cool, there are certain near-essentials that can be added in the form of plugins, although perhaps I am splitting hairs a bit in terms of the difference between the two. The most frequently used browser plugin for any system is Adobe's Flash Player. Flash provides websites with all sorts of exciting multimedia effects and capabilities, and as a result, it is utilized in an ever-increasing number of sites. In fact, chances are you've probably seen numerous Flash-enhanced pages without even being aware of it. For example, if you've ever watched a video on YouTube, you've enjoyed the wonders of Flash. NOTE Although I mentioned YouTube as a site that utilizes Flash, do not use that site here. The YouTube site, sensing that you do not have Flash already installed, will direct you to a different page for installing the Flash Player, and for Linux users anyway, this ends up being a much more cumbersome way of doing things.

Multimedia Applications

The twenty-first century has become the century of the digital lifestyle, with millions of computer users around the world embracing new technologies, such as digital cameras, MP3 players, and other assorted multimedia gadgets. Whereas 10 years ago you might have had a collection of WAV files littering your Windows installation, nowadays you are more likely to have hundreds, if not thousands of MP3 files scattered across various computers. Along with video clips, animations, and other graphics, the demand for organizing and maintaining these vast libraries is driving development of applications. Popular proprietary applications such as iTunes and Google's Picasa are coveted by Linux users, but open source applications are starting to appear that provide real alternatives, and for some the final reasons they need to move to Linux full time.

Multi Media Netscape Plugins and Helper Apps

Because much of your stock of video clips, audio clips, and other multimedia content will probably come from the Internet, it makes sense to be able to play that content in your Internet browser. Software added to Netscape Navigator to play different content takes the form of plug-ins and helper apps.

Wrangling the Bit Torrent

For the most part, BitTorrent is the sharing format of choice for big collections of archived text, books, and audio and video clips, including entire taped concerts and movies. With SUSE Linux 10, Novell joined the ranks of Linux distributors offering BitTorrent downloads of its ISO images, making it just a little easier to pull down that 3.1GB package.

Which Version Is Right for

Both Linspire and Freespire were built on the solid base of Debian Ubuntu Linux, the KDE desktop, and the office suite. With recent releases, the distributions have moved to embracing Ubuntu 7.04 (itself a Debian derivative) as their foundation, or base. Unlike many other Linux distributions, both come with a set of licensed commercial codecs for multimedia formats such as MP3, drivers, and other proprietary software. Although vendors provide such things for all varieties of Linux, bringing them together and integrating them while observing all the legal niceties is a big headache, so most distributions tend to leave it all up to the individual user to work out. This is a big annoyance for the typical PC user who has come to expect playing video clips or adding new hardware to just work. Even experienced Linux users find it a chore. It is a serious hindrance to the adoption of desktop Linux. Linspire and Freespire take care of the hassle for you.

Note The root user cannot by default connect through ssh Although it is possible to override this it is not recommended

Some people prefer to protect their private data in public, by using services such as Flickr, Google Docs, and YouTube. The situation is the same as earlier with the exception that, being free services, there are fewer warranties about loss of data. Indeed, Google Mail has a personal storage limit of just over 7GB, which allows you to back up your data by saving them as attachments in your mail account Or by using gmailfs.

Using Helix Player and Real Player

A tremendous amount of content is available on the Internet in the RealMedia and RealAudio formats. You can see and hear video clips of popular musicians and comics view live events such as conferences, news stories, and concerts and listen to your favorite radio stations when you are out of town.

Starting with PCLinuxOS

Boot up PCLinuxOS from a live CD, open a browser, and go to to immediately begin playing Flash content. Java content is ready to run as well. Open a media player, such as Kaffeine, and start listening to your MP3 music right now. In the case of Kaffeine, it will even warn you about content you can't currently play (DVD movies and Windows media) and what you can do to remedy that (if it's legal to do so where you are).

Watching Videos with Ubuntu

Long before YouTube videos and video podcasts were all the rage, people used their computers as a means to play DVDs and streaming video. Whether the computer was part of a home theater system or was a simple desktop system that contained a DVD player, the ability to play back video has become a standard in home computing. While sites like YouTube embed video into the web page itself, other types of video rely on a separate application to play back video for the user. The repositories are full of various codecs that you may need to install for your videos to play properly. These codecs can all be installed through the Add Remove tool in Ubuntu. Just search for the term codec, and you will be presented with a long list of files. You can choose to install all of the codecs at once or wait until you need them to play a file before installing. If you wish to open a video file that is downloaded to your computer, you will need to select Movie Open and then navigate to the folder where your...

Documentation Firmware and Drivers

Ubuntu contains licensed and copyrighted works that are not application software. For example, the default Ubuntu installation includes documentation, images, sounds, video clips, and firmware. The Ubuntu community will make decisions on the inclusion of these works on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that these works do not restrict our ability to make Ubuntu available free of charge, and that Ubuntu remains redistributable by you.

Displays Hardware drivers

Your graphics card is the component in your computer that powers your display. When you're watching videos on YouTube or dvds or simply enjoying the smooth transition effects when you maximize minimize your windows, your graphics device is doing the hard work behind the scenes.

Watching TV with Xawtv

The Xawtv program lets you display video output, in particular television channels, on your desktop. You can change the channels, adjust volume, and fine-tune your picture. Added features let you grab still images in PBM or JPEG formats, or capture video clips in AVI. Record Movie. Brings up the window that enables you to capture video clips in AVI format.

Photo Of The Month

I have been watching your videos on YouTube for quite some time now, and I have become so interested in Linux, I have installed it on my PS3. (I know you're thinking, how can you be poor if you own a PS3 Well, the answer for that is my friend sold me his for 30, because he got a 360.) Anyway, I have sent you an e-mail because I really would like to get a fully functional Ubuntu Linux computer of some sort. I was wondering if you could send me one of your test laptops that you receive My parents tell me that I should get a job to earn the money for one, but sadly, I am not old enough for a job, so I became desperate and have turned to you. I don't expect to be e-mailed back, but it would make my day if you would reply

Using Real Player

A tremendous amount of content is available on the Internet in the RealMedia and RealAudio formats. You can see and hear video clips of popular musicians and comics. You can view live events, such as conferences, news stories, and concerts. You can also listen to your favorite radio stations when you are out of town.

Playing Video

When it comes to including video codecs (other than the free Theora), Red Hat, Inc. has taken the cautious approach. While Fedora and RHEL now include video players such as Totem (described later in this chapter), they do not include players (such as the MPlayer and Xine media players) that often are packaged with contentious codecs. If you want to play commercial movies, popular video clips, or other video content in a Red Hat Linux system, you have to get those codecs elsewhere.

Video Formats

With the popularity of digital video recorders, video clips are all the rage on the Internet. These days it's not uncommon to receive a video clip of your niece's ballet recital in an email message or see it posted on one of the many video file-sharing sites. Video files are stored in a variety of video formats

Adding Plugins

While looking at your plugs-ins list, you might notice that one popular video format is missing Macromedia Flash (also called Shockwave Flash). This video format is popular with video-streaming sites, such as YouTube and Metacafe. If you want to use these sites, you'll need to install Flash in Firefox. Here are the steps to install it using the Ubuntu Synaptic Package Manager

Editing Videos

The Kino video-editing package is the most popular video editor for the Linux platform. It uses a subtractive method of video editing, meaning that you add video clips to a library then remove the pieces that you don't want to use in your final video. This is a little more basic than what some advanced video editors allow you to do, but it should work just fine for most home-video enthusiasts.

Learning URLs

Like the pages of real books, Web pages contain text and graphics. Unlike the pages of real books, however, Web pages can contain multimedia information such as images, video clips, digitized sound, and cross-references, called links, that can actually take the user to the page referred to.

Multimedia Users

Vendors offering devices for the Multimedia Users group have a preexistent and ready-made market growing out of the current market for smart phones. Although multimedia is most often associated with images, text, and music, it can also mean application programs that integrate data from a broad spectrum of independent sources. Probably the best known and most popular application that does this for mobile devices is Canola. It is built using Python and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL), and it uses a plug-in system to enable YouTube, Flicker, and more. There are Google Summer of Code 2009 projects approved to create plug-ins for Twitter, Remember the Milk, and even an IM client.

Expansion Boards

If you want to use your computer to watch TV or acquire and edit video footage, I strongly recommend you purchase a PCI card for the task. Because PCI is more than capable of handling the bandwidth requirements, you won't have problems with choppy video or reduced quality as a result of your choice of video capture device. (Your other hardware components, such as your hard disk, must still be up to the task, of course, especially if want to save your videos to disk.)

Adding Flash Support

Flash is a multimedia plug-in used for animations, games, and even video playback on web sites. It is a standard requirement on modern Internet-equipped computers, and it's becoming hard to find commercial sites that don't utilize it in some way. For example, YouTube ( uses Flash for the playback of video files, as shown in Figure 19-2. Adobe is the originator of the Flash technology and makes a version of its proprietary Flash Player web browser plug-in especially for Linux, which can be easily installed under Ubuntu. You can also select to install one of two open-source Flash players Swfdec or Gnash. Of the three, Adobe's own Flash Player offers best all-round compatibility with web sites of all kinds general, video, games, and animations. Swfdec is perhaps the best open-source choice, although it specializes primarily in video playback, such as that offered by YouTube or the BBC ( Gnash may be the weakest of the three (at the time this book was...

Will Reese

Apache is the most popular Web server and one of the most successful open-source projects of all time. Since April 1996, Apache has served more Web sites than any other Web server. Many of the world's largest Web sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and Craigslist, use Apache to serve billions of page views per month. Over the years, Apache has proven itself to be a very stable, secure and configurable Web server. Although Apache is an excellent Web server, what if there were an alternative with the same functionality, a simpler configuration and better performance That Web server exists, and it's called Nginx.


Between Google video, podcasting, video podcasting, integrated DVD players and USB-powered well, let's call them So, let's start with home videos. You shoot them, and then what Are you really going to spend months of your twilight years rewatching ancient DV tapes in real time Of course not. But, you can edit them and export them to DVD or YouTube to share with your family if you install Kino on your system. Small, fast, feature-loaded and stable, it's the Linux answer to Windows Movie Maker and iMovie.


Many modern cell phones can take pictures and short video clips. This is great for taking candid photos and sharing them with friends and family at a later time. Modern cell phones also commonly have replaceable themes and ringtones, which are, in essence, 30-second audio clips. On newer phones, ringtones often are MP3 files, replacing older, nonstandard formats. According to many wireless providers, the only way to get your media off the phone is to e-mail yourself using the provider's data transfer service. This can become rather expensive, especially if you take a lot of photos. Some cell phones come with a standard USB connection and can be mounted as USB mass storage devices. Many cell phones, including the phone I currently own (Motorola V551), utilize a nonstandard USB connection. So, instead of purchasing a specialized USB cable, I decided to connect to it using a standard USB Bluetooth dongle. The dongle should work with any phone that supports the Bluetooth protocol.

Playing Online Media

Ubuntu provides you with tools to directly play music and videos available on the Internet. You can listen and watch online videos and audios directly from within your browser but may require to install some special player for this. Your ability to watch or listen to online media depends on how the provider of the music and video has made them available. You can play many of the videos available on the Internet directly from within your browser. For example, You can watch the Google videos and the You Tube videos directly in your FireFox window without installing any special player or additional browser plugins. The following screenshot displays a video being played inside the Firefox window You can even install an additional mediaplayer, such as RealPlayer 10, to watch online video streams in Realmedia formats. When you have installed all the above mentioned plugins and codecs, you can watch RealMedia files even with your default media player, such as Totem. But, you may also want to...

Play Station Portable

A wide range of home-brew software is available for PSP including the YouTube viewer PSPTube and a control application for the Xbox Media Center a good source is http PSP catid 106. However, one of the real benefits of this device is that you don't even need to hack it in order to install a web browser, since (from version 2.0) the NetFront Browser has been included by default, and from 3.90 it has included Skype for VoIP calls. Since most home automation equipment comes with a web server or one can be written fairly easily, a web browser is enough for a fairly high level of home control.

Movie Player

To the right of the window is the sidebar, which displays the properties of the current video, the playlist, a selection of BBC audio podcasts, or a YouTube video search application all selectable from the drop-down menu above it. The Sidebar button underneath the video can be used to toggle the sidebar on and off.

Watching Web Clips

The Internet has become a clearinghouse for just about any type of video content you can imagine (and even some you couldn't imagine if you tried). From Google Video to YouTube, there are lots of sites to keep you entertained. This section walks through the process of working with Firefox to view different types of video clips.

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