How to Establish Compatibility with Microsoft Office

Users experienced with other office suites, especially the Microsoft Office suite, should not expect any problems in handling is able to open files stored in standard Microsoft Office formats. Just select the file from the File —¡> Open dialog.

Figure 6.3: Opening a Microsoft Word File

Files created with can also be stored in standard Microsoft Office formats. For example, when you select Save as... from the File menu, you can select the Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP file format, which is offered for Calc spreadsheets. Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2 0 00/XP is offered for Impress presentations.

I'UVU'li --■■--■■•------—■■■■■-...■------—■■.■■-...■------—as=jipj^



1 Size 1 Date modified

Balance sheet


09/25/2001, 22:19:21


fâ bin


04/14/2004, 09:49:31

(é Desktop


04/22/2004, 15:57:34

[â Documents


04/15/2004, 15:01:44


là Export


04/23/2004, 10:28:18

(â Invoices


10/14/2003, 11:17:00

fe Letters


10/14/2003, 08:18:11

[Ö!. 1 Folder

04/23/2004, 11:28:54

n/wiyir»nn/i no.^Q.-ai

File name: File type:




Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP (,doc) ■*•

* Automatic file name extension

D Edit filter settings

Figure 6.4: Saving a Document in Microsoft Word Format

Different Office suites are built for different target user groups, so the handling and functionality details are different. Thus, if you have a Microsoft Word document that uses a lot of Microsoft Word-specific features, such extended features may not be well translated into the OpenOffice text processor. The same is true for other Office components and, of course, works in both directions.

Later in this chapter, you will use your own Microsoft Office documents in an exercise to see how well they are imported into

@Note! With OpenOffice, you can create a PDF file directly. In every component, you can select File —> Export as PDF You can also select a standard icon in the menu bar to export the current documents directly as PDF. This is a very convenient way to share data with others using an application-independent format. PDF readers are available free of charge on virtually any computer system. Your SUSE Linux system has two PDF interpreters installed by default; one of them is the Acrobat Reader, which is also popular on Microsoft Windows systems.

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