Mounting Devices from the Desktop

To access a CD-ROM, place the disc in your CD-ROM drive and double-click the CD-ROM icon on the desktop. The file manager window then opens, displaying the contents of the disc's top-level directory. To eject the CD, right-click the icon and choose Eject (you can also elect to unmount the CD).

To access a USB drive, connect the USB drive to any USB port. The drive will be automatically detected and a file manager window will open showing the contents of the drive. You can read, copy, move, and delete files on the USB drive. A USB drive icon will appear on the desktop. Moving the cursor over the icon displays detailed information about the drive, such as where it is mounted and how much memory is used. Right-clicking and choosing Properties will display tabs for General, Permissions, Meta Info (space used), and Mounting information. The USB drive menu also has an entry for transferring an image file to the digiKam tool (Download Photos With digiKam). To remove a USB drive, right-click the USB icon and choose Safely Remove. The USB drive icon will disappear from the desktop, and you can then remove the drive.

To access a floppy disk, place the disk in the disk drive and double-click the disk icon. This displays a file manager window with the contents of the disk. Be careful not to remove the disk unless you first unmount it. To unmount the disk, right-click its icon and choose Unmount. You can perform one additional operation with disks: after you insert a blank disk, you can format it. You can choose from several file system formats, including MS-DOS. To format a standard Linux file system, select the ext3 entry.

Caution Never remove a USB drive directly, as you do with Windows. If you do so, any changes you made, such as adding files, will not be saved. Instead, right-click the USB drive icon and choose Safely Remove. The USB drive icon will disappear from the desktop and you can then remove the USB drive.

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