Exercise 1 Creating a Web Album by using gThumb

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You have just returned from a vacation with your friends. You decide to write about this experience on your blog and post some photographs of the trip. However, uploading images one by one to the Web site involves a lot of effort and time. You want to find a more convenient way to

To perform the required task:

1. Launch gThumb. The Desktop/Images window is displayed.

2. Click Images on the left navigation bar and navigate to the folder in which the images are stored. Click Open. The workspace displays all the images available in the folder.

3. Select the images you want to include in the Web album.

4. On the Tools menu, click Create Web Album. The Web Album window is displayed.

5. In the Web Album window, enter the required information, including the destination folder, the index file, the index page layout and the album style. Click Save.

6. The gThumb software creates the album and saves it at the specified location. Now, you can upload the Web album to a Web server. Exercise 2: Exporting Images to the Web by using F-Spot

You now want to share the photographs you uploaded only with friends. You also want to retain the photographs for a longer period than is typically permitted by Web hosting sites. How can you do this?

To perform the required task:

1. Launch F-Spot.

2. Click the Import button on the toolbar. The Import dialogue box is displayed.

3. In the Import dialogue box, click Select Folder from the Import Source box. Navigate to the source folder and click Open. The images are displayed.

4. Click Import in the Import dialogue box.

5. Select the images you want to export.

6. On the File menu, point to Export and click the destination.

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