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When I talk about images and graphics, I mean applications that are meant to work with photographs or other images and those that enable you to prepare vector drawings — drawings consisting of lines and shapes — for use in various types of documents. SUSE Linux includes a number of such image and graphics applications. You can find these applications in the Main MenuO Graphics menu.

Table 4-4 summarizes the image and graphics applications in GNOME and KDE desktops. I describe these applications in detail in Chapter 15.

Table 4-4

Typical Image and Graphics Applications

on GNOME and KDE Desktops

Application Category

GNOME Desktop KDE Desktop

Photo or image editor


Digital camera interface digikam

Digital camera interface digikam

Application Category

GNOME Desktop

KDE Desktop

Vector drawing

Dia, Inkscape, Draw Draw

Image viewer

Eye of Gnome


Fax viewer


PDF viewer

Acrobat Reader, GNOME PDF Viewer

Acrobat Reader, Kghostview

PostScript viewer

GGV PostScript Viewer


Here's what the image and graphics applications enable you to do:

^ Photo or image editor applications are for touching up photos as well as creating and editing bitmap images in many different formats, including popular ones such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG. Both KDE and GNOME desktops offer The GIMP as the photo and image editor application. The GIMP can do whatever Adobe Photoshop can do, and it's free!

^ Digital camera interface is for connecting a digital camera to the SUSE Linux system and downloading the photos from the camera. If the digital camera application does not support your digital camera, you can usually access it as a USB storage device after you connect the camera to the PC's USB port using the cable supplied with the camera.

^ Vector drawing applications enable you to draw using shapes such as lines, curves, rectangles, and circles, and performing operations such as filling shapes with colors or patterns. For example, if you are drawing the plan for a room in your house, your best bet is to use a vector drawing application. Draw is a popular vector drawing application.

^ Image viewers are for viewing image files. The GNOME desktop comes with the Eye of Gnome image viewer; the KDE desktop provides Gwenview as the default image viewer.

^ Fax viewers enable you to view faxes stored in files. The KDE desktop offers the KFax application for viewing faxes.

^ PDF viewer applications are for opening and reading PDF files. In both KDE and GNOME desktops, you can use the Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents.

^ PostScript viewers enable you to view and print PostScript files.

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