Mutt mail reader

NOTE: To use the mutt mail reader you must have the mutt software package installed from the DVD that come with this book or over the network using yum.

The mutt command is a text-based, full-screen mail user agent for reading and sending email. The interface is quick and efficient. Type mutt to start the mail program. Click the up and down arrow keys to select from your listed messages. Press Enter to see a mail message and type i to return to the Main menu.

The menu bar indicates how to mark messages for deletion or undelete them, save messages to a directory, or reply to a message. Type m to compose a new message and it opens your default editor (for me, vi) to create the message. Type y to send the message. If you want to read mail without having your fingers leave your keyboard, mutt is a nice choice. (It even handles attachments!)

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