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The F-Spot Photo Manager provides a simple and powerful way to manage, display, and import your photos and images ( Photos can be organized by different categories such as events, people, and places. You can perform standard display operations

Projects and Sites



This site holds a massive amount of multimedia software for Linux, much under development:

KDE multimedia applications

KDE supports an extensive set of multimedia software applications:

GNOME multimedia applications

Many multimedia applications have been developed for GNOME:

Sound & MIDI Software for Linux

Lists a wide range of multimedia and sound software.

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)

The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) project is under development on Linux under the GPL:

Fedora Gaming

Games you can play on Fedora:

Repository for RPM binary packages for popular applications and libraries, including ones for media that are not included with Fedora. This is an official extension of the Fedora project and contains RPM file specifically designed for Fedora.

Repository for RPM binary packages for popular media applications and libraries, many of which are not included with Red Hat Fedora. Holds a wide variety of current applications and libraries, Fedora compatible.

Table 12-1 Linux Multimedia Sites

Table 12-1 Linux Multimedia Sites like rotation or full-screen viewing, along with slide shows. Image editing support is provided. Selected photos can be directly burned to a CD (uses Nautilus burning capabilities).

Features include a simple and easy-to-use interface. A timeline feature lets you see photos as they were taken. You can also display photos in full-screen mode or as slide shows. F-Spot includes a photo editor that provides basic adjustments and changes like rotation, red eye correction, and standard color settings including temperature and saturation. You can tag photos placing them in groups, making them easier to access. With a tag you can label a collection of photos. Then use the tag to instantly access them. The tag itself can be a user-selected icon, including one that the user can create with the included Tag icon editor. F-Spot provides several ways to upload photos to a Web site using a Flickr account ( digiKam is a KDE photo manager with many of the same features ( A side panel allows easy access by album, date, tags, or previous searches. digiKam also provides image editing capabilities, with numerous effects. digiKam configuration (Settings menu) provides extensive options including image editing, digitial camera support, and interface configuration.

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