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Most digital cameras can connect to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. If you have such a camera, you can access its storage media (compact flash card, for example) as a USB

mass storage device, provided your camera supports USB Mass Storage. To access the images on your USB digital camera, use the following steps:

1. Read the camera manual and use the menu options of the camera to set the USB mode to Mass Storage. If the camera doesn't support USB Mass Storage, you cannot use this procedure to access the photos.

2. Connect your digital camera to the USB port by using the cable that came with the camera, and then turn on the camera. This causes the Linux hotplug system to detect the camera and mount it the /media/usbdisk directory on the Linux file system.

3. Double-click the computer icon on the desktop, then the Filesystem folder, then media, and, finally, the usbdisk folder. You should see the camera's memory card contents in the Nautilus window.

4. Go through the folders on the camera's memory card to find the photos. Click to select photos and copy them to your hard disk by dragging and dropping them into a selected folder.

5. Turn off the camera and disconnect the USB cable from the PC.

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