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The Mandriva Linux 2009 Powerpack is the product that Mandriva recommends for beginners who are looking to switch to Linux from Windows. By adding commercial software for watching DVD movies (LinDVD), Windows gaming (Transgaming's Cedega), Google Picasa, and 3D desktop effects (drak3D), Mandriva makes transitioning from Windows to Linux a fairly easy proposition. ■

The following is a list of Mandriva product offerings for business:

• Mandriva Directory Server—Includes LDAP directory management tools for administering access to Linux and Windows services, such as DNS, DHCP, Squid proxy services, and Samba servers.

• Mandriva Pulse 2—A solution for monitoring and managing Linux and Windows networks. It is an open source product that simplifies remote management.

• Mandriva Enterprise Server—Along with popular server software (Apache, MySQL, Samba, and so on), business-oriented Mandriva products come with more extensive product support. Both the Enterprise and Premium Enterprise Server products come with 24/7 Web support, with a Web response time of two business days. Both offer unlimited phone support as well, with the premium package offering quicker response time and other extended options. One, three, and five-year maintenance contracts are available.

If you just want to try out Mandriva, you can boot Mandriva One directly from the DVD that comes with this book. When Mandriva One is booted, open the Live Install icon on the desktop to install the contents of the Mandriva One CD to your hard drive if you like. You can also download that same CD ISO image directly from Mandriva (see

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