Electromagnetic Radiation and Human Health

How To Beat Electrical Sensitivity

This ebook is the complete guide to learning about electrical sensitivity and how to prevent getting it in your life. You will learn what electrical sensitivity is, and what causes it. Once you have started learning about it you will learn how to get rid of it and protect yourself from the dangers of electrical sensitivity. You will also learn how to heal yourself. This book is the product of careful research by the scientific and medical communities into the dangers and preventative measures of electrical sensitivity. ES is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in the world right now, and this ebook is designed to education people as to how it works and how to prevent it. Do not let it take hold of your family; take control and prevent it now! Do not let yourself get any more hurt; learn about this condition and fight it! Read more here...

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The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution

This ebook seeks to get rid of a lot of the myths that surround electromagnetic waves. The advent of wireless phones and devices has changed the face of our world, but there are sinister side effects to the entire wireless revolution. The ebook is designed to information the public of the dangers of EMF radiation and how to protect you and your family from the dangers that it contains. The chapters cover topics such as how to determine how sensitive (if at all) you are to the dangers of Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation. The next chapter contains the options and studies of real scientists and health professionals, so that you can be fully educated on what goes on inside your body and how to prevent danger. The other chapters discuss how to petition for more safety regulations, how to keep yourself safe, and how to avoid getting hurt. Protect your family from dangerous radiation today!

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About the Project Leader Pete Herzog

. As Managing Director, Pete is the co-founder of ISECOM and creator of the OSSTMM. At work, Pete focuses on scientific, methodical testing for controlling the quality of security and safety. He is currently managing projects in development that include security for homeowners, hacking lessons for teenagers, source-code static analysis, critical-thinking training for children, wireless certification exam and training for testing the operational electromagnetic spectrum, a legislator's guide to security solutions, a Dr. Seuss-type children's book in metered prose and rhyme, a security analysis textbook, a guide on human security, solutions for university security and safety, a guide on using security for national reform, a guide for factually calculating trust for marriage counselors and family therapists, and of course, the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM).

Industrial Grade Networking

As with other computerized applications, industrial control and automation rely increasingly on computerized networks. General-purpose networking or connectivity solutions such as plain Ethernet or Token Ring are, however, ill-adapted to the harsh and demanding environment of industrial applications. Common Ethernet, for instance, is too vulnerable to EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) to be used in most industrial environments.

The Stronger the Signal the Easier the Hack Amplitude

For RF and other forms of electromagnetic energy, amplitude is indicative of the strength of the electric field of the waveform and thus the strength intensity of the emitted signal. The greater the amplitude, the stronger the signal strength as the intensity of an electromagnetic wave is directly proportional to the square of the amplitude. Amplitude indicates to an attacker that a particular signal is strong when it reaches his or her antenna. This means the encoded higher-layer protocol (e.g., 802.11), which is embedded inside the signal, is easier to decode, meaning sniffing the air will be easier.

EMP Tag Destruction Attacks

This attack depends on inducing a electromagnetic field of sufficient strength into the input antenna. This means either the attackers are close (within a couple of inches of the antenna) or they are using enormous transmitters. The duration of the actual pulse can only be a fraction of a second. Thus, localizing such RFID-zapping equipment using traditional triangulation techniques can be very hard.

Induction Inquest and Intervention

Induction is the study of the environment's effect on the target. Would the server behave the same in a wireless network environment or would the electromagnetic radiation conflict with the components operation Does the introduction of another hard drive inside the server upset the flow of air through the system, thereby shortening its functional life

Using Multiple House Codes

The primary functional difference between the various lamp modules is whether the device in question supports dimming. When a light is dimmed, the alternating voltage is not reduced in amplitude. Instead, small portions of the power sine wave are removed, which effectively turns off the lamp for short periods of time. Consequently, the bulbs filament is charged and discharged many more times a second than usual, which creates a changing electromagnetic field. This can result in the filament starting to vibrate and creating an audible hum. This is not usually a problem with lightbulbs (and you can always buy rough service bulbs that hold the filament steadier to prevent this movement), but it is dangerous to other appliances that are not built for it.

Exploiting Radio Frequency

Radio frequency is the transmission medium over which 802.11 rides. If the medium is hacked, whatever it carries is disrupted, much like how torpedoing an ocean liner would probably kill many people onboard. So, if 802.11 is a train, then radio frequency (RF) is the rail tracks on which the train rides. RF is electromagnetic radiation that is either induced or radiated when an electrical current passes through an antenna, which is a device designed to emit or receive electromagnetic waves. All the higher-level protocols such as 802.11 (WiFi), 802.15 (Bluetooth), and 802.16 (WiMax) are embedded in the electromagnetic energy pulses that emanate from antennae. Thus, understanding the characteristics of RF is essential to understanding how hackers can conduct RF-based exploits. RF exists as a waveform signal with frequency and amplitude and is subject to noise and other forms of signal loss (attenuation). In practical terms, this is evident when a WNIC simply moves out of range of the AP...

Van Eck Phreaking

In 1985, Wim Van Eck, a Dutch researcher, published a paper in Computers & Security entitled Electromagnetic Radiation from Video Display Units An Eavesdropping Risk In this paper, he details how the electromagnetic emanations from a display device can be intercepted to give a representation of what is being displayed on the screen. Although the security issues of intentional radio frequency (RF) emissions are common knowledge, such as those from a wireless network, the unintended ones can also cause security leaks. The physical principles are exactly the same passing an electrical current down an antenna creates electromagnetic radiation. The only difference is that with intentional RF emissions the antenna is a deliberate, separate piece of equipment, specifically and optimally designed to emit at a specific frequency and wavelength.

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