Both eMovix and MoviX are described in the book Linux Toys II by Christopher Negus (Wiley, 2006), in a project devoted mainly to creating your own bootable movies. ■


GeeXboX ( is another bootable multimedia player distribution. From the screen that appears after GeeXboX boots, you can use your cursor to select the location of the content you want to choose. As with MoviX, you can play a variety of audio and video content. It also boots up on your network, so you can get audio and video content from it.

Because GeeXboX is so small (just a few megabytes), you can fit it easily on a mini-CD, bootable business card, or even a pen drive (provided your computer can be booted from those media). There is no graphical interface; you just use the keyboard to select content and simple controls from menus.

Use arrow keys to move among the few GeeXboX selections (Open, Controls, Options, Help, and Quit). Press Enter to make a selection. You can open a file from hard disk, a music playlist, directory of images, or removable media (DVD, VCD/XCD, or audio CD) containing video content. Press M to show or hide menus and use P to pause.


I've included KnoppMyth ( because it represents a new and interesting class of bootable Linux distributions. MythTV is a fairly complex set of software used to configure an entertainment center that can include a personal video recorder (complete with downloaded local TV listing and tools for managing recording and playback), music player, weather center, and tools for getting news and other information.

KnoppMyth is a CD distribution based on KNOPPIX that is intended to help simplify getting a MythTV installation up and running. Boot up KnoppMyth, answer a few questions, and MythTV is installed on your hard disk.

KnoppMyth also includes another nice feature: a MythTV front end. With MythTV configured on a computer on your LAN, you can use the KnoppMyth disk to boot up a MythTV front end. That way you can use your MythTV entertainment center from any TV on your local area network.


The Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux live bootable CD ( provides a full range of multimedia production tools on a single bootable operating system. The distribution is intended for artisans who want to create and work with a variety of digital media: audio, video, digital images, HTML, and so on.

Tools included with Dyne:bolic include MuSE, TerminatorX, GDam, SoundTracker, and PD (for mixing and streaming audio). Video editors include Kino, Cinelerra, and LiVES. For 3D modeling, there is Blender. For image manipulation, Dyne:bolic includes GIMP. Bluefish is included for creating Web pages.

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