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Ad Trackz Gold Ad Tracking And Link Cloaking Wordpress Plugin

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Configuring User Authentication

In addition to analyzing the packet for where it comes from and where it goes to, it is possible to use user authentication with Squid. To make user authentication work, you just need a browser that supports user authentication, which all current browsers do. In a Squid environment, theoretically the browser and the proxy can exchange usernames and passwords in three ways Basic The username and password are sent in clear text to the proxy. Digest When this method is used, passwords are not sent...

Tuning and Monitoring the NFS Server

I'll now talk about tuning the NFS server. You can use two useful commands to tune how the NFS server works. First, the rpcinfo -p command lists all the services that currently are registered at the portmapper service on your NFS server. If for any reason you cannot connect to the NFS server, this is a good check to see whether it is running properly. Next, the showmount -e command lists all the file systems that are exported by a remote server. It typically is a utility that you would run from...

Configuring the cron Service

The cron service is activated by default. It checks its configuration files every minute to see whether something needs to be done. The cron process looks for configuration at different locations The generic file etc crontab can contain lines that tell cron when to execute a given command. This file is not edited usually on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. In the directory etc cron.d, an administrator can put a file that defines what should happen and when it should happen. Every user can have...

Checking NTP Synchronization Status

After you have started the NTP service on all the computers in your network, you probably want to know whether it is working correctly. The first tool to use is the ntptrace command, which will give you an overview of the current synchronization status. When using this command, you should be aware that it will always take some time to establish NTP time synchronization. This delay is because usually an NTP client will synchronize only every 16 seconds, and it may fail in establishing correct...

Using netstat to Check Your Server

If you want to know what services are available on your server, and what exactly these services are doing, the netstat command is an excellent choice. netstat has many options to see the most useful information offered by it, use the -patune options. These options have the following meanings -p makes sure you see information about programs connected to ports. -a will show you everything there is to show. -u shows information for UDP ports. -n makes sure that IP addresses are not translated into...

Configuring the SUSE Firewall with YaST

On all Linux systems, firewall functionality is implemented with the netfilter package in the kernel. Since it is integrated in the Linux kernel, the netfilter firewall is fast and, if set up properly, can compete with many firewall appliances. In fact, many routers use a tuned Linux kernel to do fire-walling anyway. You can manage the netfilter package with a rather complex command iptables. Because it is complex, on many servers no firewall is active at all many people are just not sure how...

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