Assigning a default gateway

Another common network configuration option is to set the default router for your network clients. To do this, you need to specify the option routers parameter.

option routers;

In this example, you have a gateway on your network with the IP address of


When using dynamic DNS (updating a DNS server with the name and IP address of an assigned host), you need to specify an update style. There are two on the table at the moment, awaiting standardization. Previous versions of DHCP used an ad hoc mode, and the interim solution until standardization is the interim keyword. Regardless of whether you are using dynamic DNS, you must specify a ddns-update-style in the configuration file. The ad hoc version of dynamic DNS has been deprecated, so the standard is to use interim. As we are not using dynamic DNS in this implementation, we specify "none," as we did in Listing 19-1. For more information on using Dynamic DNS with DHCP, take a look at

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