Finding Further Information

In a word: Google.

The amount of information "out there" about Linux is enormous. A web search for a command, an error message, or information about a specific Linux command will always unearth a huge number of hits: the more specific the search the more likely that the result will be useful to you. If you are having a specific problem with Linux, an Internet search should be your first instinctive response.

The fact that there is so much information "out there" is another tribute to the power of open source. Open source encourages a cooperative attitude and state of mind among users as well as developers. The fact that nothing is hidden also means that the vendors have nothing to hide. Taken together, this means that Linux provides and fosters a culture in which users, developers, and vendors are all on the same side, unlike in the world of proprietary software, whereas getting information out of a vendor is often like getting blood out of a stone.

Whatever your SUSE Linux question, you should have no trouble finding documentation, support, or a friendly SUSE user to help you answer it.

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