Listing 244 LDIF Listing for Aimee Davies

dn: uid=aimee,ou=Administrators,ou=IT,o=Acme,c=UK

uid: aimee cn: Aimee Davies givenName: Aimee sn: Davies objectClass: person objectClass: organizationalPerson objectClass: inetOrgPerson objectClass: posixAccount objectClass: top objectClass: shadowAccount userPassword: {crypt}ESLp8vFJWpVEE

shadowLastChange: 12572

shadowMax: 99999

shadowWarning: 7

loginShell: /bin/bash uidNumber: 1000

gidNumber: 100

homeDirectory: /home/aimee telephoneNumber: 555-1027

o: Acme UK

gecos: Aimee Davies

We have constructed an LDIF file for the administrator Aimee Davies, including account information allowing her to use the LDAP data as a Unix authentication source.

To construct the initial LDIF file, we used the PADL migration tools to transfer a standard user account from /etc/passwd to an LDIF format file, editing this file to add the extra information about the organization and also her telephone number.

You can add each user in the organization to the specific ou that reflects the Org chart. Using the ldapsearch command, you can now view the data in the LDAP server (see Listing 24-5). You use the -b option to tell ldapsearch that it should search from the o=Acme,c=UK base of the LDAP tree. This allows you to search a certain portion of the LDAP tree, not the whole tree.

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