The graphical mail clients

For Linux users, the choice of mail client usually boils down to the desktop product they use. KDE comes with the kmail client, whereas Gnome comes with the Evolution mail client. Both are quite different beasts.

kmail kmail is a very nice, well-rounded mail client that can connect to POP, IMAP, and also local mail spools to read your mail. You can set up mail rules to send mail to specific folders based on certain parameters and can also connect to mail servers over SSL.


Evolution is more of an "Outlook for Linux" application in that it incorporates not only mail, but calendaring, address book, and tasks under the same roof. Whereas with kmail you use separate applications for this functionality, Evolution has them built in.

Note Recently, Ximian open sourced their Connector product, which also allows you to connect your Ximian Evolution client to a Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 server and access your calendars and so on.

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