Most of the groupware data is stored and queried over WebDAV. This is only for the i/oSLOX connectors (which we talk about later in the chapter). If you have any applications that you wish to interface with SLOX, you can access calendars, tasks, and projects through a WebDAV interface.

WebDAV is a protocol that allows you to access and query files over HTTP, very much like a mixture of FTP and HTTP. As most vendors have embraced this technology, it provides an excellent opportunity for third-party application vendors, or you, to write "bolt-on" applications that can talk to SLOX directly. For example, we had a customer who wanted to tie in a student database into the user's calendars directly for their timetables. This is all possible through the WebDAV interface, which most operating systems support very well.

Note The Netline developers have released the application program interface (API) for SLOX com munications on their developer web site at http ://devel .si ox. info, which funnily enough is all based upon SLOX.

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