Viewing Post Script or PDF Files with KGhostview

KGhostview is a KDE application that's essentially a graphical front end to the Ghostscript interpreter. KGhostview is ideal for viewing and printing PostScript and PDF documents. For a long document, you can view and print selected pages. You can also view the document at various levels of magnification by zooming in or out.

To run KGhostview, select Applications O Graphics O KGhostview from the GNOME or KDE desktop (or type kghostview in a terminal window). This causes the KGhostview Secret application window to appear. In addition to the menu bar and toolbar along the top edge, the main display area of the window is divided vertically into two parts.

To load and view a PostScript document in KGhostview, select File O Open, or click the open folder icon on the toolbar. This action causes KGhostview to display a file-selection dialog box. Use this dialog box to navigate the file system and select a PostScript file. You can select one of the PostScript files that come with Ghostscript. For example, open the file in the /usr/share/ghostscript/7.07/examples directory. (If your system has a version of Ghostscript later than 7.07, you have to use the new version number in place of 7.07.)

To open the selected file, click the Open File button in the file-selection dialog box. Ghostview opens the selected file, processes its contents, and displays the output in its window, as shown in Figure 10-16.

Figure 10-16: KGhostview Displaying a PostScript File.

KGhostview is useful for viewing various kinds of documentation that come in PostScript and PDF format (these files typically have the .ps or .pdf extension in their names). For example, I use Ghostview to view the documentation for the CVS program, which comes in several PostScript files you can find in the /usr/share/doc/cvs* directory. When viewing such documents in Ghostview, I zoom in by clicking the magnifying glass icon (with the plus sign) on the toolbar in Figure 10-16. This makes the document legible onscreen.

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