Civilization Call to Power

You can build online civilizations with Civilization: Call to Power (CCP). Like earlier versions and public spin-offs (such as the Freeciv described earlier in this chapter), Civilization: Call to Power for Linux lets you explore the world, build cities, and manage your empire. This latest version offers multiplayer network competition and extensions that let you extend cities into outer space and under the sea.

CCP is produced by Activision (, although the Linux version was created by Loki Entertainment Software ( CCP is one of the best selling games of all time, so it is considered quite a plus for Linux users that a boxed version of the product is being produced for Linux.

If you like the Freeciv game that comes with Red Hat Linux, you will love CCP. Engaging game play is improved with enhanced graphics, sound, and animation. English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish versions are available. Each, at the time of publication, was priced at $49.95. If you are not quite ready to make the commitment, a demo version is available using the Demo Launcher described earlier.

The game won't run on just any computer. The Red Hat Linux software that comes with this book will satisfy your operating system requirements. Your computer must have at least a Pentium 133 MHz processor, 32MB RAM, 80MB of swap space, 16-bit color, and X Window System running. To play over the network, you need network connection hardware (a network card or dialup Internet connection). To use sound, you will need an Open Sound System (OSS) compatible sound card.

The CCP demo comes with an excellent tutorial to start you out. If you have never played a civilization game before, the tutorial is a great way to start. Figure 7-8 shows an example of a scene from the Civilization: Call to Power for Linux demo.

Figure 7-8: Civilization: Call to Power features excellent graphics and network play.

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