Installing Software in Knoppix

Despite the fact that KNOPPIX includes a wide range of software applications, there may be some software package you want to use with it that isn't included. For installing software while you are running KNOPPIX from the DVD, you can use Synaptic.

To start Synaptic, click the squished penguin on the KNOPPIX panel and select Utilities C Manage Software in KNOPPIX. The Synaptic window opens, displaying lists of installed packages. Here's what you do to install a package:

1. Reload the package list. To see which packages are available for you to install, select the Reload button. Synaptic searches online repositories configured for KNOPPIX for available packages and loads them into the Synaptic window. New package categories and packages appear.

2. Select a package. Choose a category on the left and any package you want from that category on the right. A description of the package appears in the lower pane. Figure 11-1 shows an example of Synaptic with the bzflag package selected.


Choose packages to install in KNOPPIX using Synaptic Package Manager.

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3. Mark a package for installation. With the package that you want to install highlighted, select Package C Mark for Installation. If any changes to existing packages or additional packages are needed, a pop-up window alerts you. Click Mark to continue.

4. Apply changes. After you have selected all the new packages you want, select Apply. If the changes noted in a pop-up window are okay, select Apply again. Synaptic begins downloading and installing the selected packages.

Remember that the software is being installed in the version of KNOPPIX that is running in RAM. So, the software will disappear the next time you reboot, unless you do something to preserve your data (such as creating a persistent desktop before you install the software you want to keep).

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