Copying a CD or DVD with k3b

The k3b CD or DVD copy process consists of several steps: k3b first creates an ISO image of the CD or DVD, ejects the original medium, requests a new CD or DVD, and then writes the ISO image to the new CD or DVD.

To copy a CD or DVD after starting k3b, select either the Tools C> Copy CD or Tools C> Copy DVD menu commands. I'll use burning a DVD image as an example in this section, and therefore the dialog shown in Figure 19-58 is displayed.

After verifying that the source and destination devices for reading and writing the DVD (respectively) are correct, click Start to begin the copy process. The dialog shown in Figure 19-59 is displayed.

figure 19-58

The DVD Copy dialog in k3b figure 19-58

The DVD Copy dialog in k3b

After k3b reads the disc and creates its ISO file, it will display a request for DVD insertion if the source and destination drives are the same, as shown in Figure 19-60.

Insert the new disc and wait a few seconds. The media request dialog closes, and k3b writes its ISO file to the blank DVD. Voilà, an exact copy!

vv-; Tf^J'rj KDE 3-based Kubuntu systems may pop up the standard media insertion dialog, asking what

IflffKaK^&zi&laâraSQB you want to do with the new DVD. Just click Cancel to close this dialog.

Once writing completes, k3b displays a status message to that effect in the Copy DVD dialog. To return to the main k3b dialog, click Close.

figure 19-59

Status information while copying a DVD in k3b

M^I 111 l|

Creating 1 copy

Writing image file to/tmp/fcde-wvlVJstoogesfestival.iso. Reading with sector size 2D4U.

Clapsed time: 00:00:28 h ) Remaining: 00:14^0 h


Heading source médium. 11J of J J12 MB

Overall progress; ■

Heading source médium. 11J of J J12 MB

Overall progress; ■

F'iliniiiliil writ mi] '.priil: KaftWiiir Imlli'i Device buffer;

figure 19-60

A request for a blank disc when copying a DVD in k3b


Found medte: No medium present

Please insert an empty DVD±R(W) medium into drive

optlarc DVD RW AD-7170A (/dev/scdo)

r n


Fume j | Caned

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